No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament Strategy – How To Play AT

Ace-Ten is a very difficult hand to play unless you have position. In a poker tournament, someone usually has AK, AQ, or AJ. In order to play this hand effectively, use position to your advantage. In early and middle position, you should fold this hand. In late position, you may want to consider raising if your opponents have not yet raised. If your opponents have raised in front of you, it is best to fold your hand. Raise AT three or four times the big blind when you have position on your opponents. On the flop, make a continuation bet about three quarters the size of the pot. Most of the time, your opponents will fold on the flop. If you happen to hit a pair of aces or tens, continue to play your hand aggressively. It is very unlikely that one of your opponents holds AK, AQ, or AJ. An opponent who held AK, AQ, or AJ would generally raise the pot pre-flop.

Playing AT requires a lot of hand reading ability. Many times you will bet the flop with nothing and your opponents will call. On the turn and river, you will have some difficult decisions to make. If you believe your opponent is weak, you should attempt to bluff him off the pot. If you believe your opponent is strong, you should give up the hand. Establishing your read comes from observing your opponent play many hands. Focus on how your opponent has played in past situations. AT is a tough hand to play in tournaments, make sure you know your opponents.…

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